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Ichiru's Timeline
Game interaction from November 2010 & onward

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Critique and Questions

Questions on how I play Ichiru? Want to leave some crit on something that happened or questions you have about my characterization? You are more than welcome to leave that here!

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If you want to contact me for something plotwise or need to get ahold of me for some reason, please leave a comment here.
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[journal] [livejournal.com profile] sari_15
[age] 1/23/78 Age 32
[previous characters] N/A

[series] Vampire Knight
[full name] Ichiru Kiryuu
[age] 17
[gender] Male
[canon point] His death.
[reference]Vampire Knight Ichiru

[personality]The motives and true personality of the younger of the Kiryuu twins is still quite a mystery, even after his death. Ichiru is the twin that never should have existed. In reality it was quite the miracle that he survived but this achievement only magnified the results of the curse that fell on the two of them. Twins conceived from the parents of hunters typically do not complete their gestation period, possessing the instinct to attack and devour each other in utero to the point of death. In rare cases, one is able to devour the other, stealing the life and power of their sibling and the result is a very talented and powerful hunter.

It is hinted upon that this is the first time both twins have survived this process. Ichiru liked to tease Zero as a child that they were together because his older brother was just too kind. Because of Zero's kindness in allowing Ichiru to survive, two carbon copy images were born that were incredibly different from each other. One could easily say that what one possessed, the other lacked. Neither was exactly 'complete'. They looked identical in every way, but the similarities ended there.

This so called curse they were born with had Zero unconsciously stealing a large amount of power from Ichiru prior to their birth. The results of this left Ichiru's health extremely poor. Where Zero was able to heal from injuries rapidly, possessed athletic abilities and hunter skills to a degree that left others breathless, Ichiru had difficulties following in his brother's footsteps. It is shown that his immune system was so compromised that he missed large periods of hunter training and could not keep up when he was there. He fell ill constantly and no matter what medications he was prescribed, they would not help.

Ichiru has always been a little 'off' mentally. Where Zero was a very guilt ridden and serious child due to the circumstances of their birth, feeling guilty for having stolen Ichiru's powers and often attempting to cover for Ichiru during the training to make the younger twin appear more talented. Ichiru didn't particularly care. He just adored his older brother and it would show on his face. Zero was his world and Ichiru would light up in his presence, hugging, jumping on and seeking him out whenever he could. This included sneaking out of bed to find him outside when he was already ill as well as sneaking into Zero's bed at night just to sleep near him. The closer in contact he was with Zero, the more at ease he felt. The problem with this, where Zero was 'kindness'...Ichiru was 'cruelty'.

In essence, Ichiru was born a sadist and died one as well. The more pain he caused Zero, the more he felt that they were born of the same egg. The guiltier Zero felt, the more he would fawn over Ichiru and care for him. The closer in proximity they were, the happier Ichiru was because he felt they were truly as "one" at those times. The illnesses he possessed he often used to his advantage, keeping Zero near. Comments such as "I wish we were born as one so I was always a part of Zero" and refusing to take his medicine because "The only thing that makes things better is Zero's presence" were common and calculated to keep Zero by his side.

Something snapped inside Ichiru one night though, triggered by a conversation between his parents he overheard. They were discussing how to report back to the Hunter Association that Ichiru just would not be able to be used as a hunter because he lacked the abilities required of the position. Both parents were concerned about what separating the boys would do to Ichiru, since it was obvious how much Ichiru adored Zero. Upset, Ichiru ran off too upset to think clearly and stumbled across a vampire that Zero and him had run into earlier in the day. Curious on the tears she still wept, he asked her why she was sad. To his surprise, she turned the question around back on him.

Instantly a friendship was formed with this much older and beautiful vampire and the thirteen year old Ichiru. Shizuka Hio, was not just any vampire though, she was a pureblood vampire. Known in the hunter and vampire world as 'The Madly Blooming Princess', Shizuka had just lost her love, a level D vampire, to a pair of hunters that had been given the order to eliminate him for being a level E. The whole thing had been a set up and Shizuka had been staking out the area as she planned her revenge on the hunters that had eliminated him, the twin's parents. During their discussion, a plan was formed that would provide them both with what they wanted more than anything else. It would just take a few years to complete.

The night ended in a bloodbath, with both twins orphaned and Ichiru happily leaving a distraught and transformed Zero behind as he entered his new life with Shizuka. The four years he spent with Shizuka are left to the imagination, other than she provided him with her blood in order to heal his illness and he did in fact grow to love her. He acted as her servant, companion and bodyguard but she refused to transform him during those four years.

During the course of the series, Ichiru returns to Zero twice. Once with Shizuka, in which their original plans were ruined as Shizuka was killed by Kaname Kuran before their plot could be achieved. Ichiru left to regroup before returning again, attending the school as a student this time and setting things up to achieve both his own dream as well as Shizuka's. Ending up mortally wounded attempting to kill the person that had placed Shizuka's lover on the hunter list, Ichiru shot his brother with an anti-vampire weapon and achieved his own dream. Backed so far into a corner, Zero was left without a choice but to do what he hadn't been able to do prior to birth.

Ichiru was finally one with his brother and died in peace as Zero held him tightly and drank from him.

Through it all, Ichiru manages to keep his sarcastic and cruel sense of humor. Openly mocking the day class students, often without them realizing he was making fun of them until several minutes later. He appears on the surface to be very carefree and easier to be around than his brother. In fact, it is shown in an extra he is even willing to take his brother to task just to entertain others, as he dressed up in a girls uniform and got a long wig and would model it for them with Zero's facial expressions purely for entertainment of their classmates. But in the end, everything was always about Zero. Ichiru's desire to give Zero the freedom and choices in life without the weight of the circumstances of their birth. He genuinely loved Zero and though his choices were not exactly kind, they were made out of love.

[orientation] Surprisingly, even with the obsession with his brother and the incestuous tones to it...Ichiru is very heterosexual. He was deeply in love with Shizuka and had issues seeing her in Maria's body. She kissed him once during their time together and purposely did it in Maria's body, which irritated Ichiru since it wasn't her actual body.

[appearance] No change

[wish] For Zero to achieve his own happiness and freedom in life. Ichiru surprisingly has something specific in mind and does not want Zero to misinterpret this desire to mean something other than it really is, which he likely has.

[requested house] Shakuraku Household- Only to be near Zero. It's where he'd like to be placed. He fits the description of Satozuke Household best though.

[misc notes] He lived for 4 years consuming Shizuka's pureblood, so his health was much improved because of this. He actually is more skilled than typical humans in swordplay able to fight right and left handed. He's still very much a failure though.

[sample 1#]
[Prose Log]
Disgusting. She was a deep sleeper, he would give her that much. Sheltered. Cherished. She'd lived such a carefree existence for so many years that she likely couldn't imagine feeling at risk even in her unconscious state. In contrast to Shizuka-sama, who often woke from the slightest movement from an outside source while she attempted to sleep.

He didn't like Yuuki Cross--or Kuran, since that's apparently what she was going by now--and he didn't hesitate to express that. Reluctantly, he would admit that the security the girl felt could likely have to do with the bed she slept in. It was a favorite of Ichiru's to nap in as well, belonging to his brother Zero. Zero's scent was comforting, giving the illusion of safety as it surrounded you, even if he wasn't actually there to protect you. Ichiru imagined that even Yuuki still felt that draw to him after however much time had passed between them all last.

"You don't deserve his love," he whispered, fighting the desire to wake up the sleeping vampire and throw her from the room. To get her as far away from his brother as he could manage. "I tried to warn him but you were just too important to him. You could have proved me wrong, you know."

He sat down on the bed next to her, wanting to physically cause her the same pain he saw within his brother's eyes every day when he interacted with the tiny brunette. "I see your attempts to bridge that gap, wanting to be the one he relies on more than anyone. You forgot something though."

Ichiru leaned forward, whispering softly to the pureblood. His words were spoken softly but cold and full of hate. "There will always be a part of him that won't ever forgive you."

I will never forgive you.

[sample 2#]

[Network Post]


[There is a smile on his face. That would be the first indication that there is something different. Those who recognize the face may find it strange, or even misplaced in comparison to the usual sight of it. A smile on this face was definitely out of place, unless you were a little perceptive. The face smiling back at you is a little thinner than Zero's. It lacks coldness in both expression and gaze.]

Zero. This isn't very kind. You know, I do live here too.

[A lie. He didn't technically live with his brother, but he resided in the same building. To Ichiru that was close enough and anything Zero had Ichiru considered his property. Zero rarely complained and allowed Ichiru to do just about anything. There was a part of his brother's life that Zero did not like mixing, but for some reason pressing the issue was just so enjoyable.]

I suppose I should have asked before just discarding them.

[He grinned, enjoying the torture. It was a dangerous gamble that would land anyone else in a world of trouble. Ichiru knew the pain it caused Zero though, relying on the blood tablets. The self hatred evident in his eyes for the world to see. He only wanted to help Zero, after all. Acquiring the single thing Zero needed in order to feel better.]

[Still, even Ichiru would have to be held accountable for tossing the package of blood tablets he'd found down their kitchen sink. Zero would have to obtain more or find a replacement to the pills.]

Locking me out, it isn't funny. I was only trying to help. They didn't seem to be working anyway.


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